There Are Only 3 Ways To Share Your Brand, Product, Or Idea With The World

Every entrepreneur or company has a similar mission. They have to get their story out to the world to build awareness. There are really only 3 ways to communicate your idea, brand, or product with the world.

Below I’ll give the simple process to knock all 3 of these out at the same time.

  1. Create Video and distribute it across channels
  2. Create Audio and distribute it across channels
  3. Create written content and distribute it across channels

You’ll notice I added “and distribute it across channels” to each of the 3 types of communication. I do that for a reason.

Most people get this wrong, and I want to differentiate the content from the channel. Many people think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Medium are the communication, and they’re not. They’re the distribution channel.

The communication is the story you tell. And the platform from which you distribute needs to match the channel. You can’t put a television show on the radio.

The good news is you can consolidate this practice. You don’t have to create 3 brand new, separate pieces of content. Here’s how to share your message 3 ways with 1 story.

Always start with the video. Once you have the video, the rest is simple. Create the video and distribute it through channels that support it. I recommend YouTube and Facebook at a minimum.

Once you have the video, you can cut shorter clips out of the video and distribute them through Instagram.

Now that you have video content created and distributed, it’s time for audio. That’s really easy now. Simply strip the audio out of the video in the editing process. Now you have an audio file to upload to your podcast and other distribution channels. Take clips of this and upload to Anchor.

Just like that, two of the three pieces of communication are done. For the third, you can take two different approaches. One is to simply write a transcript of the video. The other is to write a story out of the content from the video. In either case, you now have the written word to distribute on your blog, Facebook, Medium, etc.

Don’t mix the distribution channel with the message. Follow this advice and you can share your story with the world and maximize your ability to be seen, heard, and read.

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