There Are Other Versions of Success Besides the Ones You See in Magazines and on YouTube:


Photo Credit: Getty Images (Biletskiy_Evgeniy)


Sunday morning sun.

Peace and tranquility linger in the air.

Suddenly, I’m reminded of an email exchange I had with my good friend Margo.

Me: I will be quoting you on this one: “Another thing that might be is the truth: There are other versions of success besides the ones you see in magazines and on YouTube. Go look for them.”

Margo: YES! I want to do another post on that. Or you can for Thrive (steal the idea! The more the better) — profiling successful people who DON’T follow the sexy hustle model. (and success as defined as financial and career — can we find examples of those who are wealthy financially AND wealthy emotionally/physically/spiritually?)

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks now…

Now I’m sitting here trying to think of the “perfect” way to share my thoughts on this notion of other versions of success

Then something nudged me, “Just start writing”.

If you could see me now: I’m literally sitting here in Indian style on my burgundy/tan/and a whole bunch of other colors carpet, macbook opened up on the mahogany stained coffee table….thinking about what could I say to make this post sound super thought provoking.

Instead of overthinking it, I want to hand the mic to you.

Tell me about someone that is rich in spirit and in their career

[You don’t have to share their real name] Share a bit about them, what do you think makes them successful in their career and in the way they take care of their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being?

I love discovering new examples of success, new stories of triumph, new energy, I can’t wait to hear from you all!