Giving the best of our energy to someone equals to loving.

photo by Arthur Poulin

For sure you know the value of not giving up, of the courage to go forward, also when the whole world seems has turned its back to you.

Working on yourself means being aware of the little and the big things surrounding us, noticing that external phenomenas, such as the people we meet, are just a mirror that reflects a fragment of our existence. 
Likewise, these dowels are the reflection of a bigger project that includes life in and of the whole universe. 
There’re moments where is good to surrender to the emotions, to the care and the strength of someone we trust in.
The kind of emotions that each of us experience in some circumstances is able to make us feeling good, welcomed, safe, protected. 
The people who can inspire us these aren’t necessary our companion. It may be a friend, a colleague or in some lucky cases, strangers able to instill in us a deep trust: they are presences ready to act for your wellness, able to replace your-self and, in some circumstances, able to bring you over an hard stand off.

The Japanese noun “amae” comes from the verb “ameru” meanings “depending from”. There are some meanings of this term. 
The type of dependence we are referring here is not degenerative with time. It’s about entering in relation with a energy similar to a protective ball, able to replace it-self temporally to the action of the interested one.

“No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main….”
— J. Donne

This kind of energy that each of us experience daily, suggests a project of bigger range to whom everyone, consciously or not, is part of: letting life evolving. 
There is no life without relationships: when we interact with other people, with animals, with the ideas, with nature, we let the life attempting his main target, prospering. Feeling part of an higher project doesn’t mean create a hierarchy, rather is recognising the essential value of every single dowel, to the wellness and perfect operation of everything. 
Since the moment it begins, life create a relation. 
Think to the one between a child in the womb and the mother. 
As base of this primary relation there’s a total giving for the good of another life. But is also true that, during the nine month of pregnancy, the body of the woman get a super health: because the new life can grow, is necessary that the ambient which is welcoming it — another living being in turn — is the symbol of wellness and health. 
This image known to everybody, suggest a very deep thought: by the totality of our essence we able to transfer, wellness or malaise in the living being and in the surrounding ambient.

“Don’t you know that when you love, you cooperate without think to your-self?”
— J. Krishnamurti

Giving the best of our energy to someone is like loving.
This create a double wave of wellness: for our-self and for the other person, right by the relation of care that begins. There’s a really beautiful Italian word to define this kind of energy flow: compassion, understood as going further “empatia” and that let us understand what a person need in a precise moment, bringing us at his level, without interfere on his persona path. 
And when you are in this flow how do you feel? What does happen to your relations?

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