There’s Finally A Way To Snooze Trump News

Now you can take a 24 hour break — at least on one app.

Image courtesy of Flickr.

If there’s a feeling that defines 2017, it’s the sense that whenever your phone buzzes, it’s inevitably a push notification informing you that Donald Trump just did something bizarre, whether it’s firing an FBI director, laying his hands on a glowing orb, or getting shaded by the Pope.

But now you can push those pushes away—at least from one publisher. Quartz, the almost five-year-old startup from Atlantic Media, is now including a Trump Snooze on its news app, per Nieman Lab. Trump news can feel “relentless and a little draining,” says product SVP Zach Seward, and so the newly implemented snooze function provides a much-needed 24 hour break.

As of now, Quartz is sending about half a dozen notifications a day; other outlets send noticeably more. It’s proof that though “lock-screen storytelling” gets invasive, it’s now very much a thing.

You have to applaud Quartz for allowing people to fine-tune their inbound news consumption. It’s a sign of actually caring about the end user’s experience, rather than defaulting to engagement maximization (and the resentment that comes with doing so).

The stakes are especially high with Trump content (Trumptent?) — just last week, a leading psychologist was telling Thrive Global how the president was pushing America past its mental capacity for chaos.

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