“They say Mondays are the worst.”

Last Monday, I sat in the coffee shop and heard a man spread some of his negativity. He conversed with another individual and they went on about how dreadful Mondays are. I have written about the happiness dip that people experience early in the week, but these new comments sparked my creativity.

Monday may seem meaningless and gross, but I argue that it is the most important day of the entire week. If Monday is dreadful and you possess a negative attitude, how do you think the rest of the week will go? Well, the same goes for if you have a fantastic Monday and attack it with a positive attitude. The point is, Monday is when the road splits. There are two paths and once you start down one, it’s hard to turn around to take the other.

So, these comments made by the stranger in the coffee shop can teach us a valuable lesson. Mondays are only the worst if we believe they are the worst. The start of each week doesn’t have to be something we dread, but should be viewed upon as an opportunity to set the tone for a positive seven days. So, you decide how your week starts and make Monday the beginning.

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