Things to do to help you start being your best self

Are you shining as brightly as you could? I bet many of you will be shaking your head to disagreement. We all have a wellspring of light within us and we strive for illuminating our lives.

We all have made selfish decisions in our life, at some point or another, for the temporary happiness and satisfaction that haunt us today, and will continue to do the same to our future self for not being happy with what we are. You may have a picture of your’s in your mind and you know you are capable of doing big things, making your dreams a reality. But unfortunately, something is stopping us. How do you start transforming into a person you believe you should be? Read on.

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How can you bring out the best in you?

No one else is going to bring out the best in you, unless you are willing to take some action. Surround yourself with good, inspiring, motivational and happy people. And the rest come implementing great things that will do wonders for you. The steps you take today will enable you to be a better person tomorrow.

Let’s go into detail and make an action plan of the things you can do to be your best self:

Discover and develop your gifts

“Discover your gift, develop your gift and then give it away every day.” Don Meyer

Developing and using our unique talents to fulfill our divine potential is serious business. Each one of us has unique gifts and qualities that we possess and can bring to use when situations need it. We are blessed with the gift of strength, patience, ability to organize, a sharp wit or intelligence and we have to choose to unwrap the gift and use it for our ministry. Your work should be a reflection of what your particular gifts are and perceive where they can be put to optimal use.

Be the master of your mindset

“When you master your mindset, you free yourself to achieve the level of success you desire”

The mind is your battleground and there is nothing stopping you to be your best, but your mind. We are constantly conflicting with our mind making space for self-defeating thoughts. Our mind is a powerful force and the stories we tell will make healthy choices to reach any goal in life. Take good care of your mind as your mind is the greatest asset to make good life decisions. Make sure you have a control on your mind and not your mind controlling you. Brainstorm ideas on daily basis and try new things in life. You can also take control of your mind by becoming aware of things that distract you, observe different situations and improve your creative potential. Change the way you think and you can master a new way to be your best.

Get away from negative self-talk

“Be careful of how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” Lisa M. Hayes

Many of us often fall prey to the terrible self-narration that is born out of our core self-belief. As you see negative self-talk coming to you, quieten your inner critic to get sidetracked by self-doubt and life to full potential. Our negative thoughts influence how we think about ourselves. Challenge the negative self-talk by knowing your triggers, explore the opposite reality, challenge the negative thought and reframe it.

Never forget your purpose

“So many times it happens too fast, You trade your passion for glory, Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, You must fight just to keep them alive” — Survivor, Eye of the Tiger

Never forget your purpose by getting too much involved into things that are coming your way. The roadmap of your journey is in your hands and if you forget the purpose of reaching your goal, you will miss the route. The path to being the best at what you are doing is starting by setting an actionable goal but you will only succeed if you commit to a process, to the purpose of reaching your goal and not just to your goal.

However, I have found that things will work out only when you are working in the right direction. Your time is absolutely valuable, start improving now to become the best of yourself. Create situations that force you to become more than of what you are now. Take your journey in the right direction.

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