This Entrepreneur Helps Small Business Owners Become Successful Entrepreneurs And Investors

Richard Buettner teaches the power of social media and brand building to thousands of people and helps them with their business

Josue Arteaga
Mar 5, 2018 · 3 min read
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Following your passion is like explaining what yellow color is, to a blind man. It will rejuvenate your knowledge, make you feel better about yourself and induce in a feeling of warmth and energy in you while getting the job done right. However, we often misinterpret desires by needs, and that’s where the vicious web of life catches you. Richard Buettner is an entrepreneur who wins at social media marketing and brand building. He is not only living his passion but also passing on his knowledge to other young minds and pushing them to live their dreams.

Richard, who is currently in his early 20s, had managed to successfully create over $6 million revenue in the past two years while creating multiple million dollars of profits for his team as well. He has not only created a job for himself but also has provided a direction to over 100,000 people who got influenced by him, that’s the power of social media in today’s time!

“My business is about helping and inspiring people to make that switch from employee or small business owner to entrepreneur and investor by using today’s technology.”, informs Richard in his interview with us.

The flourishing industry of Social media & Influencer marketing got Richard’s attention, and then, his goals were clear, “learning this skill set which will pay me for the rest of my life and teach other people the same to make money became my passion,” adds Richard. As the times are changing, people’s mindsets are also shifting towards more advanced methods of getting things done. Gone are those days when a customer would buy a particular product after watching it on TV, now as the market is becoming more skeptical, people’s trust is shifting towards the social media influencers, proportionally. Industries are leveraging valid opinions and recommendations of these Influencers with a good sales pitch, and this is how the social media is getting more empowered every day!

Not only that you can get your experiences be shared with everyone, being an Affiliate marketer and Influencer comes along with a lot of other goodies as well. After being connected to any company, you technically can represent that company and that too, in a very transparent manner. “What I love most about Social Marketing is the freedom that comes with it. You have no boss, no manger, and no supervisor.”, Adds Richard while sharing his moments in this industry. Well, who doesn’t want to be his own boss, to work flexible hours and follow absolutely no code?

You know you’re having your ‘desired’ profession when you want no work-days leaves, every day is a new adventure and life seems fair to you. Social media marketing throws opportunities at you, by which you can make as much money as want, work in any way that you want to and don’t even have to find an angel investor, to begin with. Richard, continuing with his conversation suggested, “You can start with a couple of hundred dollars to start your own marketing business opposed to investing 10,000s or even millions to start a venture”.

Richard’s journey of becoming an Influencer on social media as well as in real life began when he was little. His idea of success was to live a life where there would be love, wealth, health and happiness; where he would travel endlessly and make friends in every corner of the world. To preach his definition of success, he started with a job but soon realized that he wants to build a purpose-driven lifestyle and got fired from his office.

The fear of feeling inferior from his peers made him a shy and introvert person, and gradually Richard started feeling like a failure. He got up from the adversities and began reading books and followed his mentor Jonathan from Hollywood. Time and again, Richard started working in Forex, where he got to learn mechanics of cash flow. He recognized the potential of being an entrepreneur and power of social media and built his career with the product of these two and is now living a luxurious life while shaping the world’s future by teaching his skills to upcoming entrepreneurs.

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