This is not my job description

I join a company.

I start as a programmer

I work for fifteen years.

I am a Senior Manager.

There is an audit.

I’m told there’s an organisational change.

I’m asked to handover my team and projects.

I’m not the approving authority for my department anymore.

There’s a new manager who has neither the experience nor the domain knowledge.

I’m asked to train the person.

My team is asked to train the other team in computer programming.

They were apprehensive.

I’ve always been open to sharing knowledge and training people these 15 years. Sharing knowledge is crucial to the success of the company. I have reprimanded people in team who held knowledge with a closed fist.

I stared into space dreading the thought of a layoff.I walked to the meeting room and I stopped short in my tracks.

It is not my job description, said one.

“Are you kidding?”, replied the other. “Don’t you know our manager.

“This is not in my job description” is not an acceptable response. Sharing is crucial to the success of the company.

I stepped in the room.

The handover documents are shaping well. When do we have to do the training sessions? They asked.

You don’t have to.., I mumbled.


Mr.B, Jeline is asking you when she needs to start training Yukiko, said Tom trying to help me understand.

You don’t have to, I repeated.

Loyalty is a two-way street. Training others in programming is not in her job description.

They let out a sigh of relief. No one said a word. I felt guilty.

Let’s train them anyway!

You never lose by being generous — even in the most difficult circumstances.

They all nodded!

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