Meals as Meditation

This Is What Meditation Looks Like in 2018 and Beyond…

When we hear the word “meditation,” the vision that comes to mind is usually a spiritual type person sitting crossed legged and completely still inside a yoga studio or monastery. Welcome to 2018. Meditation comes in many different forms today. As we navigate our lives constantly connected to devices, meditation can be found in any moment where we’re unplugged, present and mindfully breathing. It’s that simple.

Meditation is more about raising your self-awareness about your thoughts and energy than sitting still. How often do you check in with yourself and see if you’re running on auto-pilot, digitally distracted and/or multi-tasking? Probably not often enough. Don’t let your devices drive your attention. Own your breath and empower your mindset, that’s what meditation is about today. Mindful breathing in the moment and on the go. When you begin to realize the state of chaos that has become “normal” in your mind, you can choose to swap that for a moment of going inward to reset or being present at a dinner. That is meditation. It can happen the moment, anywhere at anytime. It’s no longer just long-form seated stillness.

Meditation looks like a meal with people without any devices on the table. Meditation looks like a warm latte cupped with both hands while inhaling the aroma with your eyes closed. Meditation is sitting in your car doing a “lion’s breath.” Meditation is walking outside, looking up and taking one deep breath with a thought of gratitude for nature. Meditation is talking directly with someone without distraction. Meditation is mindful breath and awareness in a moment of time.

Meditation can be quick and still have the benefits of changing your brain chemistry, enhancing your mood and shifting your perspective which is important for success on many levels. You make better decisions when you’re focused, clear and present and patient. Breath will get you there in under 30/60/90 seconds. There are unlimited ways to meditate and it can be customized to exactly what you desire. It can be done while walking to the elevator or standing in line at the grocery store. Meditation is a necessity in daily life, in small snippets in the moment when you need it most.

Meditation is course correcting; it’s changing your thoughts and energy on a dime the minute you realize you’re working from a place of negative thoughts or energy. Meditation is meant to be taken off the yoga mat sometimes and can be in the form of simple breath techniques paired with mindfulness tools on the go at the pace of technology. Mindful breath is the updated operating system of meditation. It’s “in the moment” empowerment. It’s a like micro meditation class, taught by you specifically curated for you. You can tell yourself exactly what you need to hear and breathe into a moment of quiet calm or confidence…exactly what you need in the moment. If you close your eyes that makes it exponentially as powerful because it immediately puts a boundary between you and outside stimuli.

If you think of meditation as simply mindful breath and positive thoughts, it becomes accessible anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t have to be new age-y or take up big chunks of time sitting still if that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of long form meditation but for daily practice I utilize the power of breath and mindset as meditation and it works. It’s science.

Meditation in 2018 and beyond looks different because our world is different and we need meditation more than ever before so we can evolve it into a new form that aligns with today’s lifestyle. The benefits of meditation can come in small snippets throughout the day and the more you practice the easier it becomes to make that shift from chaotic to focused quickly and efficiently. It can come as quickly as three deep breaths or a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing or a breath of fresh air or a laugh with friends (sans devices).

What kind of meditation can you fit into your busy lifestyle? Find a few simple ways to integrate mindful breath and make it your (micro) meditation… on the go. Watch the magic begin. You’ll make better decisions, communicate more clearly, feel positive momentum, work smarter and feel clear, energized and creative. You’ll create more of what you want because you’ve gotten to know the power of your breath and mindset as a viable form of meditation.

Namaste. High five. Cheers to making meditation your own. What does that look like? Modernize it into the kind of tools that works for you on a daily basis. There’s no wrong way to be more mindful and breathe into the positive energy that your mind and body deserve.

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” -Anonymous