I found this to be amazing..

I usually like to write in the “positive” tense, so pardon the headline!

But as I was having a typical evening last night: eating, stretching, and watching TED talks (while mixing in some old school music videos), I came across a great talk.

Nat Ware was the presenter, an Oxford Grad, and he nailed the reasons why most of us are unhappy!

By nailed it I mean he broke the rationale down into a couple key reasons.

1. We need to be making progress at all times. (example, if you gave somebody 10 million dollars today, they would have instant gratification, but would remain miserable trying to catch that buzz again. As opposed to slowly dripping that money over a lifetime, where the sum that is dripped gets bigger and bigger over time. Basically, PROGRESS OVER TIME.

2. When the GAP between our REALITY and our EXPECTATIONS is too large. This gives us the feeling of inadequacy, brought on by ourselves, and radically changes how we feel about ourselves. This usually leads to a negative viewpoint of “self” and a decrease in overall performance.

3. When the GAP between our REALITY and the REALITY OR FALSE REALITY as we compare to somebody else is too large. We don’t match up to other people. The greatest example of this is social media.

So Coach DANA, what does this have to do with training and performance?


If our mindset is not right, we are in trouble.

I am always seeking the answers as it relates to creating a strong mental game.

After watching this video, it is clear that we wreak havoc on our own mentality and personal strength by not viewing ourselves as “good enough” compared to others.

I believe one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is acceptance of WHO we are, TRUSTING our pace, and BELIEVING it will all work out- what should work out and what is meant to work out.

If you follow your gut and trust yourself, the answers will begin to evolve and show themselves.

Any successful athlete or businessman I have ever worked with did not have to TRY that hard, they were convicted and were being pulled towards what they were doing. They had the skills, the belief, and the curiosity to be great.

I hope you can find the same enjoyment that I did from watching this!

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