Three Minutes to Elevate Your State

Photograph by Pete Longworth

Do you have three minutes to elevate your state? If so, here are three tips that will uplift your mood right this moment.

One. Standing or sitting, reach your arms above your head. Just five breaths, can change your state and uplift your mood. Then take five more breaths with your hands wrapping the base of your skull, and press your head back into your hands. Add a statement of affirmation: “I’m precisely where I need to be” and see what how that feels.

Two. Either in your seat or on hands and knees, inhale to round your back and look in towards your belly. Exhale to arch open, look up, and release. This brings you to an understanding of how your breathing works in concert with your movement, which can change your mood, upgrade your thoughts, feed your lungs with fresh oxygen, and expel toxins from your body.

Three. Smile. I dare you. Right this second, even a Mona Lisa-style, mouth closed, semi-smile — and even the worst day might take on a slightly improved tone. Studies have been done on the effects of maintaining a positive facial expression during stress, and the results may surprise you…

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