Three Reasons We Should All Watch the Winter Olympics

Despite the controversies and political issues, the winter games are truly glorious!

I know, I know, it’s easier to be cynical these days about the Olympic games, what with all the drug noise, the Russia scandal (seems like Russia is in the news a lot these days?!), and the high jinx of the IOC, we are want to find the true spirit of this world class event.

But strip away all the political junk, usually created by the upper crust who take advantage of the opportunity to ride the wave of these amazing athletes work, and you can be transported into the universe of possibility.

There are three fundamental reasons we should all be watching these next two weeks and they stand as pillars for our own possibilities.

Reason #1 — The Achievement of Olympic Athletes

A good friend of mine Dominik Gauthier, CEO of a little known but incredible privately funded organization in Canada called B2Ten dedicated to supporting these amazing athletes, once described the concept of what it is to be an Olympic athlete.

Imagine being admitted to Med School, having been an A+ student, top of your class, and arriving on the first day of school in the auditorium facing your professor at the front of the class.

You are excited, you are scared, but you know you can do this, and you are ready for the challenge.

Bring it on!

Now imagine that the professor walks in and starts to talk. He tells everyone in the room that only one person in this room will graduate!

There are over 100 people in the room, the best of the best from all over the world! What is he talking about? We came here to be doctors!

Nope, only one of you will graduate and be able to call yourself Doctor!

You will work for the next four years, toil in the classroom, at home at your desk, interning at the hospital, 80–100 hours a week of work. Yep, all in baby!

But even though you do all of this, and you are amazing at it, only one of you get’s the final prize. Would you do it?

That’s what Olympic athletes do. That is some kind of perspective!

Reason #2 — The Stories of Many Olympic Athletes

Now though that analogy is true, there are still some Olympian’s who have gone through hell and back just to be there, they may win, they may not win, but the glory in simply being there is just incredible.

Watch this piece on Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris who crashed last March (less than a year ago) and broke his jaw, arm, ribs, pelvis, as well as rupturing his spleen. He nearly died!

He went literally from:

Will I die, to Will I be normal again, to will I ever snowboard again, to will I compete again, and finally to:

I’m going to the freekin Olympic games!!

And he might even win a medal, no shit?!

Now that’s a story, and there are many stories at the games maybe not quite so dramatic, but incredible just the same. These athletes scrap and claw and work their little tails off just to get to the top of the mountain!

Reason #3 — Most of Them Do it for Next to Nothing!

Yes, there are numerous Olympic athletes that make a good living, maybe like Mark above, a great living, but there are also many, many, many Olympic athletes that simply love what they do and do it day in and day out because of that passion, that love, that joy.

They will live their Olympic dream, no one will ever know them, no one will ever ask them for their autograph, and they will complete their careers with very little in the bank to show for it, but they will have lived a dream. A dream they have carried since they were little boys and girls.

As the Freestyle skier I am blessed to train Mikael Kingsbury (the best Freestyle skier on the planet) says; he taped a drawing on his ceiling when he was a boy of the Olympic Rings with a note in French that said “I will win #1”.

Imagine believing such a thing since you are yay high?

These next few weeks will have high high’s and low low’s, incredible feats of sport, but under all of what you will see lie some very fundamental and important elements of life

Work hard, be passionate, and do it because you love it, not for the money.

Now just watch in wonder, and enjoy the ride!

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