Three Reasons Why You Are More in Control of Your Professional Life Than You Give Yourself According to Author Melkeya McDuffie

Author Melkeya McDuffie

In the hustle and bustle of climbing the corporate ladder, it is easy for one to get lost in the hustle and bustle of morning communes, day long meetings and beating deadlines. For some, their life is consumed by what they do so much that they lose sight of what is really important. Every business organization is created by the brilliant minds of people and established by the work of those same people’s hands. No matter what a company offers to its customers and clients, there is one hot commodity they cannot truly place a value figure on, and that commodity is YOU!

You are offered a whopping salary, superb benefits and a fancy title, but you accept it at the expense of losing sleep and sanity. As a rebuttal, Founder of The Talent Trifecta and Author Melkeya McDuffie, suggests that as a professional superstar, one must not forget that they are their organizations most valuable asset. In her new book, “You Are the Talent,” McDuffie offers the willing professional insight as to how they can excel in their workplace and not compromise their standard of life. As a guide to uncovering your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths, “You Are the Talent” is a compelling read that aims to help professionals at any level tap into their genius.

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There are three major reminders McDuffie suggests that professional forget that they are in control of. These things are:

1. You decide how you are PRESENTED, not your organization.

Having a personal standard for set for how you show up on your job is critical to your success. When you look, sound, and behave as if you are the answer to your organization’s problem, your position becomes more valuable to them.

2. Your will to succeed shows in how you PERFORM.

You have to have a burning desire to succeed at your current level to make way for the additional amount of work and influence you’ll have to put in on your next level. Performance is the key that will unlock the door to dominating in your professional space.

3. You are the key to be PROMOTED to your next level.

The bottom line here is that you have to take responsibility for your success. Your tenacity and consistency to keep your track record of presentation and performance on the job and as a professional with goals will propel you into being who you desire to be and who you work towards becoming.

When creating a balance between the personal and the professional, one has to be aware of their influence and impact on their progression. You are more valuable to your organization than you know, so continue to be confident in your skills and abilities, and show off your talent–YOU!

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