Three Things You and Your Organization Can Do to Get What You Want

credits: Unsplash

How we often go about things doesn’t work well for getting what we really want. From my being a part of the consulting world for organizations, I learned our typical process for making a strategic plan or business plan, and the model following SMART steps — which in theory is all well and good. Maybe at some point we examine how far we’ve come with our creative matrixes and precise indicators for success. But then, eighty per cent of all strategic plans never get implemented. Most evaluations of how well our plans worked accomplish little more than proving something to someone with a narrow vision of success. From this typical framework, we can tick the boxes, but real life problems are rarely solved and true transformational impacts rarely occur.

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities. What that means is that you can really experience what you want. It’s not via blind faith that you can make things happen — it’s working with science, because faith is understanding how the universe works. If you can’t see how you’re going to make that big picture goal happen yet, that’s okay. No one who has ever accomplished something amazing did at the beginning. So, breathe. There are three simple key things as part of the science of making life happen for you.

The Science of Making Things Happen

And so, science is going through a fundamental paradigm shift. Things aren’t connected mechanistically. We’re not in a cause-effect universe. Here is where thinking is flawed — our universe is energy. It isn’t merely matter. The spaces in between things are not empty; they are filled with information and virtual energies. Nobel peace prize nominated and leading systems theorist Ervin Laszlo calls this stuff the “akashic field.”

How this is central to grasping three simple steps is this — this field is unified with not only all that’s within it, i.e. each one of us, but multiple universes and meta-universes with infinite possibilities at any given moment in which we are all holographically connected. In other words, we are connected to the world in ways that are beyond imagination. Recognizing this changes the way we see the world and how we can make things happen. And while we might name this a paradigm shift, really older nations and indigenous communities have long grasped the fact that we are connected to all that is in the cosmos. From this understanding, here are three simple steps you can do to get what you want.

# 1: Stop Trying to Make Things Happen

Working hard is a virtue. But we believe that we “must make” something happen or we “have to get” something or make goal X happen, which is thinking from a cause-effect world and one in which everyone and everything is separate. On a scale from 1 to 10 from a mentality of lack to abundance, it is somewhere near the bottom. Taking action from such place often ends up spinning wheels. On some level we believe that results and success are directly proportional to the amount of effort and energy we expend, which just isn’t true.

You can do things differently to get what you want. Stop forcing. Remember that working hard is a virtue but it becomes a vice when you are working to make something happen that is on the path of most resistance. I invite you to take a step back and look at what you’re trying to make happen from a larger view. Ask, if it isn’t working, is there somewhere else I should be focusing my energy?

# 2: Look for Where the Energy Lies

Look for where the energy lies in your world and work with that. Simple but not easy because doing so means doing things counter-intuitively — counter to how we’ve been conditioned. Maybe the problem isn’t where you think it is. Maybe it is, but the solution isn’t to tackle the problem and rather to work with the things, people, resources, etc. that are influencing the issue or problem.

Here is your opportunity! Look for where there is more energy on the scale of lack to abundance and work with where there is momentum or flow. Energy moves matter. Where does the energy lie in your life, organization, or what have you that concerns you right now? That’s where you will want to put your focus and effort to get what you want.

# 3: Get Clear on What You Really Want & Allow It to Happen Through You Now

When first measuring performance and actual social/economic/political impacts in organizations, I got curious about what individuals were doing to move their causes further — and why some couldn’t. What I discovered is that the blocks to having or achieving what you want are not simply out there. They’re not ONLY out there. Similarly, the energy you’re looking for isn’t only in some location outside of you to work with, and then ta da once you find them you’re on your way. It’s right here at home with you.

From a broader systems view and understanding of how the universe works, you are never separate from the thing you are trying to influence in your little world, your organization or the world. Whatever you’re trying to change is in constant motion and interaction with — you. You are the influencer within this cosmic soup of an akashic field right now. In other words, what goes on with you as a microcosm of the living and breathing universe determines what’s going to happen in your universe. And so, it’s right at home with you where the learning and growth needs to happen to move up the scale from lack to abundance and therefore power to create what you want.

Here are three critical things to do to change things:

  1. Get clear on what you really want. I’ve learned that if I have some block to having what I want, among many forms of internal blocks, it’s often my own lack of clarity on what that change really means to me or why I want the thing I’m pursuing in the first place. When you get clear on your vision you automatically affect the work you’re doing.
  2. Allow it to happen through you. You don’t need to figure out where the energy lies in your little world, organization or the world. Dropping down from the ‘figuring out’ to the ‘feeling out’ has been one of my own personal areas for growth towards having the things I want happen. Allow yourself to notice, to feel, to hear and perceive with others where the energy, enthusiasm, momentum or opportunities lie. Listen to that by acting on that.
  3. Act on that hunch now, not tomorrow, and not even in an hour. When you do not act right away you become the noncooperative cog in the entire system. Do what you’re being guided to, if not by doing something physical then by writing down or affirming what you need to do. From that larger understanding of the way the world really works, that’s intelligent and purposeful energy that is connecting to that larger vision you hold and larger picture of change.


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