Three Ways to Attract Peace into Your Busy Life According to Businesswoman and Author, Nasiha Safiyullah

Nasiha Safiyullah

If peace and sanity were for sale, I’m sure there would be lines of people to buy their share. In a high-functioning society like ours, it is easy to allow the flow of life to take us to a place where we lose sight of living a life that induces harmony, attracts peace and makes us smile. We seem to have exchanged a life that’s “good enough” for the life we desire and deserve because attaining the latter seems like more…work!

Nasiha Safiyullah, Founder and CEO of The We Just Know Agency, a lifestyle management company for busy individuals, celebrities and executives, knows all about what it takes to create a life that you love. In her new book, “Get Your Life: How to Eliminate Chaos and Attract Peace,” Nasiha give a glimpse into what it is like to live and manage a successful and luxurious lifestyle without sacrificing your peace of mind.

While entrepreneurship was not a goal, Nasiha found herself gaining more and more skills that she realized were lucrative. And while managing her own life was once merely a thought, she found her niche in managing the lives of others which in turn built her tenacity for managing her own. We’d all like to think that the more money one makes, the easier it is to manage their lives. Well, the fact that Nasiha is in business and doing well tells us that the source of lifestyle management isn’t money, its knowing when to ask for help.

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Here are three enlightening tips from Nasiha that will help shift your mindset to attracting the peace you desire out of life.

1. “There is a road to everything and anything is achievable.”

Endless possibilities are available to those who believe them. Even when a goal is not easily seen, Safiyullah reminds us that we can do and be anything we desire to be, if and when we work for it.

2. “The key to creating happiness and ultimately living out the life you want starts with you.”

You are the key to unlocking the life you deserve. What you think and feel about yourself is critical to your professional and personal success. If you can imagine a life that is high energy, and yet peaceful, you can have it.

3. “If you have peace, you can share peace.”

When you are the bringer of good things to the world, naturally, good things will come to you. Again, anything is achievable and you have more control over your life than you know. There is an old saying that when you give to others, the universe will give you back double and sometimes triple. If you want to attract peace, help others find ways to bring more peace into their situations.

What you think and feel about your life is what your life will be. No matter what your circumstances are, what tax bracket you fall into, or how unsuccessful you may feel; you can always change the narrative of your life. Use your chaos to fuel and propel you to create a more productive and peaceful outcome. If Nasiha can do it, so can you.

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