Three Ways To Start Your Morning To Guarantee A Positive Day

For a great day, you can change the neurological pathways in your brain, which is like changing your mind. You have control over any habitual pathway of thought. If you usually think to yourself, “Oh, this day is gonna suck,” you can change that to “This day is gonna be great.”

Our brain is what neurologists and neuroscientists call “plastic.” In other words, it can be molded by the efforts we put into it to effect change, both in our thoughts, and as a result of the conscious manipulation of our thoughts, our actions.

I have several suggestions to help you have a marvelous day, just by doing some simple practices, even before you get out of bed.

One: What are you grateful for?

Upon awakening, before you even open your eyes, begin your morning by compiling a list in your mind of TEN things you are grateful for. Imagine this is your APPRECIATION list. If you can align your brain with the things you already HAVE in your life that you are grateful for this will align your neurological pathways toward gratitude and appreciation and you always get more of what you appreciate.

Instead of following your habitual morning habit of waking up thinking first of all the things you have to do or of all the things that are overwhelming in your day, start with your appreciation list and notice that you are focused on all the things you have to look forward to instead.

Two: Start your day with an orgasm

Whether you have a partner or you do it yourself, close your eyes when you orgasm. Don’t look at your handheld device or your computer. Go inside your own mind and imagine your whole body filled with pleasure. Let yourself really feel it, allow the feeling of pleasure to fill up your whole self. Enjoy it.

Afterward, don’t move for several moments. Let the positive feelings wash over you. An orgasm is the most pleasurable thing the human body can experience. Allow your nerve endings to fire and your hormones to flow. Breathe in the positive feelings and imagine them flowing up from your genitals and through your heart, and then see them flowing over your head and back down over your body. Do this visualization for several minutes, imagining the positive feelings flowing around you, in a circle, through and over your body.

After an orgasm, your body experiences the release of pleasure hormones, including oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, as well as a rise in serotonin, a natural anti-depressant, and a good spike of dopamine, the feel-good drug released in your brain. All of these natural chemicals can help you to start your day with a rush of positive feelings. Who needs caffeine after that?

Three: Shower away negativity

In the shower, while the water flows over you as you wash your body, imagine you can see the water washing away any and all negative thoughts. Let it shower away any disempowering beliefs about yourself or your upcoming day. See those negative thoughts and beliefs, in your imagination, slipping away and down the drain. Let your self-destructive or self-critical thoughts wash off of your body like soap bubbles or the shampoo that rinses out of your hair.

Now imagine the clean water from the shower head flowing onto you as positive, white light, filled with only the most positive meanings, alive with hope and good wishes for your day. Say something positive to yourself, supportive and encouraging, for instance, “I will have a wonderful day at the office today!”

This shower experience will actually make you feel lighter and happier as you go on your way. Do the same thing at the end of the day, washing away any negative thoughts and filling yourself with positive affirmations, “You did a great job today!” Use this water meditation anytime you need it.

You deserve to feel great about your day. Start it with one or all of these things, every day, and see how your life changes in just a short time. Want real results? Try these three things every day for three weeks. Record the changes in a journal. And write to me. Let me know how it goes. Comments welcome.

I appreciate you.

Have an amazing day.

Tammy Nelson PhD is a Certified Sex and Couples Therapist and the author of The New Monogamy and Getting the Sex You Want. She can be found at