Thriving in The New Age

“In my work with individuals, groups, organizations, and companies, I’ve come to understand what seems to me — and many world thought and spiritual leaders — to be the most fundamental source of Thriving — at work and in life —the Discovery and Realization of Self.

But ours is a newly evolving reality. We have come from ages typified by hierarchy and power. In generations past, to live happily and successfully, one needed to find someone or something outside of oneself to believe in and look up to. And beyond that, one actually attached one’s identity to that person, religion, ideology, leader, belief, organization, or job. One did not need to think, know how, or create one’s happiness strategies. One only needed to follow the leader.

With the information age, we have been knowing more — and wanting to know even more. About how and why things work, or don’t work. About how to be healthy, happy, successful, or informed. We have been realizing our value and fighting more for our rights and to be recognized.

And with this expansion of knowledge, we have increasingly been questioning the integrity and intentions of our political, religious, and corporate leaders — as well as our media — about their worthiness of our trust and faith to protect, guide, enrich, and truthfully inform us. We have become aware that for global change, peace, healing, and justice, we need to recalibrate.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

And with the unfolding discovery of the energy age, we are turning to ancient healing modalities, Eastern medicines, alternative healing remedies, meditation, and naturally grown whole foods.

We are discovering that we don’t need to look up to anyone outside of ourselves for answers, that we have innate internal resources, that we can create the change we want. This evolution of focus has generated the desire in us to not only survive, but Thrive.

The fundamental premise that we are getting clear on is that — in order to thrive in our bodies, families, jobs, communities, and world — we need first to thrive within our personal selves.

But, in order to thrive, one must know what elements one needs to thrive. Without discovering oneself — for the purpose of knowing one’s gifts, desires, core beliefs, inner motivators, purpose, and factors that enable one to thrive personally and internally — thriving will always be just beyond reach, or a temporary condition.

The root of all suffering has always been the disconnection from self and self awareness — and the attachment and dependency on that which is outside of us.

The newly realized age is where the power of the self-realized, self-actualized individual — who is perpetually self-aware, thriving, and collaborating with other like people — is the power that creates families, communities, small businesses, and organizations that Thrive and future global corporations and organizations that Thrive.

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