Throwing Wrenches Into What Is Already Broken

The great irony of our time is that everyone feels entitled to speak at their chosen intervals, and anyone that could be a potential witness to their words is simply awaiting their own turn to do the same. What is a statement without the mental and vocal exploration that accompanies listening? What is the purpose of speaking, ever so coherently, into a void of endless proportions with no real intention?

The screams of voices yearning to be heard can be found in the depths of untouched comment sections and arguments that have ensued within, all a compilation of bias and misunderstanding. These disagreements do not seek a higher understanding, nor do they promote aspects of the speaker’s morality, or any factual backings they may have — these arguments exist simply to antagonise, and to prove. We speak over each other in endlessly strenuous efforts to always maintain an image of coherency and correctness, even if we are ill-informed, or have been subjected to prejudice in some way. We speak to be correct, while making no attempt to be credible. We adore preaching without a basic understanding of unwelcome prophets. We love to coach others into our beliefs as though they could spread infectiously at the rate of change, silencing those at liberty to speak in the process. We fear being wrong, and what that may entail.

The irony of our time is that we fail to care about these controversies that arise in our world — we simply want to be correct in gauging their origins and causes. There is no real activism in most situations, no one attempting to combat varying forms of injustice. We simply showcase our own intelligence in a thinly-veiled effort to be placed upon a pedestal, to silence anyone that disagrees, to never truly consider their words. It proves to be true time and again that those that harbour beliefs of their own superiority are often less informed than the conservative, quiet listener that campaigns for change.

So, what can be done? We certainly cannot count on the media to quiet, or the countless tragedies to come to a breathless standstill. We cannot count on anarchy to cease or hate to vanish as mysteriously as it appears — we cannot shut out social media in this day and age, nor the persistent cries of partial fact that oppress it and compromise our understanding of it. We cannot count on abrupt changes in thought patterns, or the world to suddenly unite. We can, however, count on our own selves to begin to change — we can remember to listen in place of where we would traditionally desire to speak. We can remember there are many factors at play when considering even one story, and all factors deserve that consideration. We can watch and listen and feel, for so much more is learned through our attentive silence. Once we’ve done these things, we will be able to speak with credibility, along with confidence that we are not distributing half truths. I’m sure most are guilty of this in one way or another, including my own self.

Speak less in regard to what you know little about. Speak more once you’ve learned, only if it’s with intention. Advocate for truth, for in these times, that is the most crucial thing to seek. Make change happen every day.