Time for a Mid-Year Review?

I love NFL football. Especially the New York Giants. I go into a funk every February after the Super Bowl. Every July, comes one of my favorite times of year — training camp.

Everything’s new, but there are veterans back and organizations in place. It’s a time to practice, try new things, and get ready for the season’s start in the fall. Clean slates, new binders or iPads full of information, new clothes — it’s kind of like back-to-school, only more interesting (to me).

Whether it’s back-to-school or training camp, this time of year can inspire you to take a look at your life and business. How have things gone since January? What goals would you like to achieve during the rest of the year? Most of us will experience some downtime this summer, so why not use it to think about setting the stage for success in the coming months?

Here are a couple of quick and easy things you can do to take stock and/or prepare for the future:

  • Do a quick, one-page “mid-year review.” I’ve got a free printable/fillable right here.
  • Use some downtime to think strategically about what you want. Just think — don’t evaluate, don’t judge. If a great idea pops into your head, capture it. See my story about working at the beach for tools I use to capture ideas away from the office.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to look back and regret what you didn’t accomplish. Take some time now for your own training camp to get ready for a successful second half!

Do you already have a mid-year review process? Share it below.

Originally published at www.barbarabellissimo.com.