To Those Who Don’t Feel Festive During the Holidays, I Feel for You

An Often Untold Story of Holiday Despair

During the holidays there is an often forgotten segment of people that don’t feel festive. It isn’t that they don’t want to feel joy. It is that they don’t. Some may hesitate to let others know of their holiday woes. Some may remind others year after year-sometimes feeling like an outcast.

The calendar acts as a warning system to this forgotten segment. Just as a meteorologist predicts a blizzard is coming and recommends shelter, the date on the calendar indicates that the holidays are near and triggers a need for some to seek shelter to hide their pain.

The tales of woe that lie behind the range of emotions for those who are not festive during the holidays are plentiful. It could be the reminder of what was and is no longer. It may be that traditions that were once a fixture are just a thing of the past. It may be painful memories or dreams that were shattered. It may be an existence of what is or is not. It may be relationships that are no longer. It may be goals that were always in their heart that never came to be. It may be cherished loved ones that made the holidays magical, but have passed on. It may be the longing to feel included that never comes to be.

Regardless of the reason another may not feel festive during the holidays, if you have joy in your heart this holiday season remember those who may not. Think of those who may not share their despair. Look for an absence of shared photos on social media or in conversations. It is often more about what is not said than what is. Holidays are a time to share with friends and family. Reach out to those you love and bring others into your inner circle. Share your traditions. You may never know the impact that you make on somebody else’s life.

For those who feel like the holiday season is a time of waiting for their storm of emotions to pass, I feel for you. I send you love and compassion.

I wish you peace, love and joy beyond your imagination.

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