Today: the Truth Behind all Realities in the World!

How can you Attract the Right Forces for Your Reality?

The Seven Characteristics of the Unified Field of Quantum Physics

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There is a connection between the fundamentals of all major religions and spiritualities and it can be explained via science.

Almost all religions speak of a connecting force between people — science characterizes this as a unified field.

We all have an attracting force, it’s the connection between our ideas and our personal realities.

On this episode we discuss the secrets behind everyone’s realities? What keeps your reality together? How is your reality made? How can you broaden your own reality to take in new perspectives? How you can remove yourself from your old belief systems that are keeping you stuck?

In this episode of the Mind Mastery Podcast, Dov Baron is joined by guests: Scott Paton and Shane Jeremy James as they discuss quantum physics and attracting the life you want.

James is the founder of Shane Jeremy Media, Branding Talent and Actions of Compassion. In addition to being a critically acclaimed author, he is a board member of the of Volken Foundation and has developed numerous programs and coached thousands of marketers world-wide on leadership and marketing.

Paton, an executive producer and co-host for over 35 podcasts, is an internationally renowned speaker and currently teaches courses in strategy, management, relationships and more for students in over 190 countries via Udemy. In addition, he is currently a podcaster with Life Enthusiast.

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