Top 5 Quotes for Simplifying Goals

At the moment, my biggest goal is to finish writing a book.

Over the years, there have been drafts completed and submitted that resulted in numerous rejection letters from publishers. Keeping the motivation to complete another one with the same drive and excitement has been a challenge.

Self-publishing is an option that has been explored and while that is not completely off the table, my intuition keeps telling me to try another time. Try with a different angle and a fresh perspective using the new life experiences since the last draft was completed.

To stay on track with this goal, understanding why this is important is a key factor. In general, this is important because the people I admired most have been published authors. Their legacy has lived on through their work beyond their physical presence on earth. Becoming part of that group of authors has been a childhood dream that has not wavered throughout the years.

To make sure your goal is motivating, write down why it’s valuable and important to you.

Keeping it Simple:

After completing each draft, the one gift each experience has provided consistently has been adjusting my writing approach. Learning which aspects of the process were not necessary to finish the work helped with simplifying the next draft.

“It takes a lot of hard work,” Steve Jobs said, “to make something simple, to truly understand the underlying challenges and come up with elegant solutions.” As the headline of Apple’s first marketing brochure proclaimed in 1977, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

My Top 5 Quotes for Simplifying Goals:

Here are my top quotes that help me focus on simplifying goals.

What’s your biggest goal? Making them simple and removing any unnecessary complexity might be the key to meeting your goal. Keep trying, adjust as you go and let’s get these goals accomplished!

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Originally published at on August 16, 2017.