Top 5 US States You Can Live Comfortable and Affordable After Retirement

When people think about retirement, the first thing they focus on is how to live a comfortable and happy life for the rest of their lives. However, the level of comfort and enjoyment after retirement largely depends on the place where you retire to. Not all states will provide you with the conducive environment for a comfortable and affordable life. After a thorough research, we have rounded up the top five states that will give you the best opportunity to enjoy life after you stop working.

#1 Wyoming

The State of Wyoming is a prime destination for someone looking for a quiet and affordable life. The state offers zero percent tax rate on any retirement income and a combined local and state sales tax rate of 5.83 percent. It also has the third-lowest housing rates in the country. The low tax rates plus affordable housing make Wyoming one of the cheapest places to live in in the US. To add to the incredibly low cost of living, Wyoming has over 73 entertainment and recreational establishments per 100,000 residents. It is also one of the safest places, ranking 8th nationally.


#2 South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore State is famous for its beautiful scenery and quiet environment. You will most likely enjoy some of the best moments of your life in Sioux Falls and Rapid, two largest and beautiful cities in South Dakota with a population of half a million residents. Other than the beautiful scenery, the state offers a $0 effective income tax for retirees and some of the lowest housing rates in the US. You will also enjoy a highly affordable healthcare system with good doctors and plentiful amenities.

S Dakota

#3 Kentucky

Kentucky, which is also known as the Bluegrass State, ranks number three in this list, thanks to its tax-friendly environment and low cost of living. The state totally exempts social security income from taxation and provides significant reductions for senior citizens. Those who have monthly income of $40,000 or less pay $0 taxes. Another thing that makes this state very attractive is the relatively cheap housing rates. The average cost of housing per year is $8,600, which is relatively cheaper compared to other states in the US. The healthcare costs are also low, particularly for those who are aged below 65 years and cannot get Medicare.


#4 Virginia

Virginia is a good place for those who want a comfortable and affordable life and a community where they can feel safe and welcomed. The state has a relatively good weather throughout the year. The income tax rate is far much below the national average and housing rates considerably lower. Those who love to sit actively can easily treat themselves to the beautiful beaches, the Appalachian Mountains and the beautiful Atlantic cities like Charlotte and New York that are within three to six hours drive. The state also has some of the best public transport systems and healthcare infrastructure in the country.


#5 Florida and Tennessee Tied

The State of Florida and Tennessee is tied. Florida is known for its retirees. Tennessee is known for it’s beauty. Florida, the climate there is amazing for those who love to bask in the sun all day. You can enjoy a lot of summer activities throughout the year. These may range from fishing, boating, golfing and biking. Like most states in this list, Florida has zero percent effective income tax. The state and local sales tax is also below the national average, meaning the prices of goods and services are considerably low. Tennessee has a hefty tax rate of 12.75 near the Eastern areas near Gatlinburg but mainstream rural areas, it’s 9.75%. And if you are one of those people who love to interact with others, then you can join a wide range of adult communities available in Florida. These communities will keep you actively engaged throughout your golden years. Tennessee has the country music attractions in Nashville and some areas has very affordable housing plus the heavily wooded areas makes it a great serene place to live or retire.