Top/Dock of the Bay…

Image: Sneha Rathod

Otis Redding sat by the dock on the Bay and claimed to be wasting time:

I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay/Watchin’ the tide, roll away/I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay/Wastin’ time

I don’t see how watching any portion of Mother Nature’s end products is “wasting time,” as the pause for the cause can be regenerative and better prepare you for the tasks ahead….so in this light, while I love the song…I disagree with the self-degradation implied by those two words.

Image: Rachealgrace Adams

Light bends around corners and will find you, if you open the doors or access portals to the possibilities. We have been programmed to accept such negative pillars as thought-leaders that point our heads to the medicine cabinet for the BIG PILL…

The BIG PILL is pharma’s deeply rooted plot to make and keep you in need of more…to make you sick and sicker…addiction, after all is physical, emotional and psychosocial [P.E.P.].

No, HTFno…I want no P.E.P. in my step as I want to learn how to allow my body, mind and soul to heal with “outside help” being #2 and listening to my inner workings #1…after all, “self-care is the key to healthcare!” So before I reach for the medicine cabinet on the wall, I will place my hand over my heart for the wealth of healing power within this vessel I have been blessed with owning in this dimension.

Don’t make yourself sicker…sit by the dock of the Bay and feel what you have to spray onto yourself, before you reach for the BIG PILL.