National “Back to the Gym” Month!

With that said… most gyms are going to be packed.. and I do not want you to have to suffer through that chaos!

So.. lets talk about what we can do at home (or very quickly) at the gym to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time!

Let’s think about it in its most simple terms: The more muscle you use, the more calories you burn.

So.. when training, let’s use the most amount of muscle we can using compound movements!

Movements that include your legs, arms, and place stress on your cardiovascular system are the way to go!

Let me lay out a simple workout for you that will have you worked, energized and feeling AWESOME..

You can do these in a circuit: 4 Rounds, 15 Reps Each (30 seconds Rest Between Rounds)

Exercise #1: Pushup Position Protraction/ Retraction + Stability Taps + Swimming

Exercise #2: Squat to Slow Snatch (Total Body Movement)

Exercise #3: Body Weight Sumo Squats

Exercise #4: SL RDL’s with a BOSU or Without!

Now — these are just 4 exercises that you can do at home — or (At the gym) — a simple workout like this can be done 2–3x per improve your overall movement and athleticism..

You may be thinking, “Coach — you are not really using any weight”… and my comment back would be — this is not a hypertrophy or muscle growth program- but one build on burning calories and improving balance, coordination, core strength, and overall athleticism.

Give it a shot — let me know how you feel — and as a courtesy.. let me know if you would like more content in regards to training vs. mindset vs. nutrition.. or if you enjoy the combination I am currently delivering you!



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