Transform Worry To Wonder

Samantha Keith
Mar 25, 2019 · 4 min read

Samantha Keith

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Thank you Alexis Brown & Unsplash for capturing creativity with these writers @alexisrbrown

Have you heard of the NBC show called THIS IS US? It’s one of the few shows on television that I actually sit down and watch. I love the characters and complexity of their relationships, both with themselves and each other. I was pulled in immediately by Chrissy Metz and her struggles with weight from the first episode! Her portrayal of Kate is spot on.

I recently re-watched the episode where Kate gets married. There’s a scene where her two brothers are in the car together on a mission to find her t-shirt before the wedding. It’s not just any t-shirt. It’s the one their Dad gave her before he died. She’s heartbroken because her fiance forgot to pack it. Her two, very compassionate brothers, embark on a road trip to find her “something old” to help make her wedding day as perfect as it can be without Jack (her Dad).

During the car ride, the brothers decide to play a game. You’ve probably heard of it? It’s called the “worst case scenario” game. It’s when you take a situation you’re worried about and you imagine the worst-case scenarios. The goal of the game is to actually make you feel better. However, I find the game depressing. I’ve got an overactive inner worrier, so it doesn’t always work for me. Read on if you can relate. I’ll share a new take on an old mind game. I hope it helps you too!!

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Thank you Unsplash and Yuris Alhumaydy for capturing the feeling of dread for the day ahead.


The goal is to FEEL better.

Let your hand glide down the page.

Fill up your journal with as many awesome things you can imagine.

For example, when my oldest son was getting ready to graduate from high school and start college, and my worrywart had been in high gear I used this game. Changing my thoughts and spending my energy thinking about the BEST CASE SCENARIOS really helped me be a better parent.

Wondering what life would be like in the future for my son but in a positive way shifted my mood instantly. Not to mention, my reticular activating system kicked in(if you’re a Tony Robbins fan you know all about RAS, if not you can google it). Basically, you begin attracting more of what you think about.

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash and Jake Givens

It sure does feel better. I opened up to some new and creative possibilities that morning in my “wondering” and it led to some awesome things for my son in college. It helped me handle the stressful situations that came up during his senior year in high school by helping me see the silver lining in situations that didn’t turn out exactly as planned.

I wonder what miracles would show up in your life if you gave yourself some space to wonder? One key to unlocking the power of this game is to resist the urge to figure it all out. There will be time later for figuring out how and what. The purpose of this transformational exercise is just daydreaming where you get to write the ending. A happy ending.

You can use it with a health issue, financial problem or a career question. Ask yourself what would feel wonderful? Then stay open to intuitive ideas, new people or books that find their way to you. Because the Universe, Source, God, Buddha (whatever you want to call it) has a way of providing exactly what we need at exactly the right time.

If you’re reading this today and happen to be struggling with your health, please know you’re not alone. Change is possible. I’m living proof! You can read more about my transformation at After rapidly approaching 200 pounds I “wondered” what my life would look like if I finally kept my New Year’s Resolution to lose the weight and keep it off! Check out my before and after photos, other blogs and be inspired. Keep wondering.

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