Turning Points: Angelina Darrisaw

We’ve partnered with NowThis to present Turning Points, a collection of firsthand accounts from people about their experiences with burnout — including what their wake-up call moments were, advice they wish they had gotten before the scales tipped too far, and how they recalibrated their lives to find a version of success that does come with health and fulfillment. The four women featured in the first set of Turning Points videos talk about leaving behind the worlds of corporate America, fashion, PR and finance to pursue lives in which their well-being was not an afterthought.

Redefining success in the face of burnout is different for everyone. For Angelina Darrisaw, who left her corporate strategy job to start a professional development platform focused on diverse recruitment, it was about realizing she no longer wanted to live what felt like a double life. What does success mean to her now? “Making every decision in my life purposefully and creating opportunities and resources to help other people do the same. It means using my strengths to create social change.”

Watch Angelina’s story below.