Turning Points: Melanie Vangopoulos

We’ve partnered with NowThis to present Turning Points, a collection of firsthand accounts from people about their experiences with burnout — including what their wake-up call moments were, advice they wish they had gotten before the scales tipped too far, and how they recalibrated their lives to find a version of success that does come with health and fulfillment.

Melanie Vangopoulos credits a change in mindset to being able to propel herself from a Wall Street trader to her dream job of being a portfolio manager. She discovered a love for wellness coaching and inspirational speaking during this time and now actively pursues it in Greece. She does this work outside of her day job and said she’s now happier and more effective than ever. “Success to me now means balance, alignment and excitement in my every day life,” Melanie said. “I have this wonderful balance of being able to live my own dream, while giving back to the world.”

Watch Melanie’s story below.