Underserved ≠ Undeserved…

Okokok….let’s strip down and see what’s to be found:

  1. In my career journeys as an Arts funder and administrator, we generally think of “underserved” as communities deprived of Arts and Cultural engagements
  2. In my observations as a Global Citizen I have learned that our society is equally underserved in: quality Food; Education; Health and Love.
  3. As a Truth Sayer and Emerging Elder (Double O.G.) I hope to illuminate this in a manner which could derail the path where we might find ourselves Undeserving of these core competencies.

Admitting that we are under-nourished is not meant to be an observation of gloom and doom. This admission can be a call to action so our collective energies might reverse the trends that fuel Underserved communities which create programmed mindsets of being Undeserving.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

The true ruling class of this planet sadly is deeply wedded in measuring success by monetary profits, ignoring the scores of souls engaged, abused and exploited. It is this group that establish standards and lifestyles which are emulated by tiers of wanna-bees, who are determined to have a leg-up on community members, like discarded castes.

Is anyone really unworthy? While I think we are entitled to nothing, we are all worthy of a place in space…and in this light, a chance to dance, a slice of the spices of life.

Our resources are thinning, but our capacity to process our thoughtful journeys is abundant…

…Think, it ain’t illegal Yet!
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