Understanding Your GUT..

The key to waking up and feeling LEANER. Check it out!

Hey guys..

If you are like me, you want to feel Great everyday!

Who doesn’t?

So, my job is to do the “research” for you and boil it down to it’s most simple, usable form so you can apply to your life..

Let’s talk about Understanding Your GUT..

I love to wake-up in the morning feeling very “tight”, “lean”, and “bloat-free”…

After waking up feeling “not-so-good” a few months ago, I started to experiment.

What did I find?

I woke up feeling full, bloated, and puffy after the following:

  1. Eating to Late (within 2 hours of bed)
  2. Eating Foods at Restaurants with Higher Salt
  3. Not Enough Water the Day Before
  4. Not Sweating the Day Before
  5. Eating Meals that Were Overly Starch Based after 2pm
  6. Not Eating Enough Fiber from Cooked Vegetables and Fruit
  7. Eating Too Much Salad after 5pm which Became Harder to Breakdown

The correction for this was easy.. Do the Opposite!!

I know if may feel like I am airing my gastro-intestinal problems to you, but some of the most frequent questions I get through the blog and my Coaching Clients is based on their stomach bloating..

As somebody that has been there.. and can get there again by doing the above, I wanted to share my message and experience with you.

Our diets, even just a nibble here and a nibble there, can really twist our stomachs up pretty good.

I always recommend all of my clients to take a deep dive into their nutrition, trying to eliminate things they may feel are causing distress. Then, reintroduce them. Test combinations of food..

Like, eating bread and meat may cause stomach distension, while eating them independently of each other may not.

Certain cheeses or dairy products may cause a certain reaction vs. another.

Listen, it is YOUR GUT.. own it and own the reactions it has to food.

We all react differently to different things.

If you can focus on understanding your reactions, you could really help your body achieve Champion status. Stomach bloating and distention are a negative reaction… your body is saying, “Hey, dope.. wake-up!”

Start listening.. and if you can do this over time, the results will be amazing with just some minor tweaks.. and not having to eat an Air Diet or Ice Cube Diet.. :)

Do this for a few weeks.. let me know how it goes!

If you know somebody with gastro issues, share this with them!


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