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Unplugging is the New Luxury…

As my friend Robert pointed out to me recently, unplugging is the new luxury. I am a creature of habit. I love to check in on social media and I can feel myself becoming a hamster on a wheel quickly. Turning off my phone, with the exception of contacting my husband for a week on a recent retreat in Costa Rica, allowed my nervous system to power down. It was deeply felt and what I noticed is that I was able to be more present with what I was seeing, hearing and listening to. I believe that our senses are dampened by multi-tasking and being tethered to our smart phones. We cannot read online and listen to someone fully. This disconnect affects my ability to be present in all areas of my life. Have we lost our ability to be fully present? When I am waiting for a subway I notice that most of us are looking at our screens. One of my pet peeves is when someone is at the checkout in a store and doesn’t look up from their phone to acknowledge that a human being is helping them. But am I any better when nodding my head when my husband is speaking to me and reading online at the same time. So my new challenge is to notice, when I look at my phone to “check in” is it is out of necessity or boredom. I believe that we will begin to adapt to this still new technology but it will require that we have time away from it.

Intuitive Intelligence…

We are very focused on what we can see. Can you imagine if we took all of that focus and placed it on the unseen world? There are many tools I use to guide me back to my inner world, such as meditation, chanting, breath awareness, and simply slowing down and being present in my body. I believe that when we are in tune with our gut instincts this intuitive intelligence connects us to our nature and our truth. That is the platform that I can help myself and others from, not when I am disconnected from it. Our intuitive intelligence might be the voice that says don’t cross the street right now, as a car swerves by, or the voice that says this job is not right for you, when all looks good on paper. Very practically you can stop before eating and place your hands on your belly and ask is this what I need at this moment.

Unplugging for extended periods of time and listening to your gut, might just save your life.

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