Upcycle your setbacks

Last Monday I found out that not only did I not get a job that I thought I would be good at, I didn’t even get shortlisted for the interview.

So what did I do about it?

Did I vent and complain? Hell, yeah! But privately, to my close friends.

Then what? As the good-old-counselling-trained gal I am, I wrote about it — I took it out, observed it and picked out the shared experiences that might be useful things to others — writing a blog post on Don’t forget to send an SOS before you self-destruct and a YouTube video on what to do when you receive bad news.

I’m not saying that you need to write publicly about your own experiences. But there’s definitely something cathartic about moving the hurt and the pain out onto paper in some form. I even did a doodle:

Sometimes we can only make sense of things after we’ve pulled them out in some way. With this doodle, I started with random back and forth motions, perhaps it depicts a struggle of going up and down constantly — two steps forward, one step back. They look like lifelines, intersecting momentarily. Squiggles with nuggets of insight.

Take that setback and flatten it out into words, sounds and squiggles.

Give it a good makeover.

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I want to keep growing!

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