Use This One Trick for Instant Happiness

Let some sunshine in on your soul

It is no “secret” any longer that happiness is a key ingredient for abundance. Being happy is perhaps the single most important thing in achieving not just a successful life but a truly abundant mindset.

By now there are a gazillion ‘gurus’ doling out the mantra for happiness and abundance. Though not all are con men, it is difficult to know who’s not. Even when you find out a legit guru, acquiring his teachings may not come cheap. Of course, they always have some courses or e-books or webinars available for free, but these do not always give you a detailed blueprint.

However, if you are a seeker and have gone through a large number of resources, you’d know there is one thing all of them harp on. The need for a happy state of mind. Yes, if you want to be successful, you need to be happy. But how?

May be you’d be surprised or may be not, but it is a curious fact — humans are genetically wired to sway towards a happy state of mind.

It’s common to see people gravitate towards happy events, happy music, happy videos and other happy stuff. It isn’t a mere coincidence that social media timelines are flooding with “happy” shares.

Have you noticed the common thread in most of these happy shares?


Yes. Innocence has the power to make us happy instantly.

When you think innocence, the first images that cross the mind are usually those of a baby’s smiling face, a puppy’s button eyes or some such thing. The point being, we quickly relate innocence to carefree life, for example, a baby smiles without thinking how she is looking.

But something that happens instantly when we look at or imagine such innocence is the flash of smile that comes on our face. It is a natural trigger for instant happiness.

When we look at such happy, innocent pictures or videos we are instantly transported to a state of innocent bliss — pure happiness devoid of worldly care.

However, experiencing this instant happiness is possible through real life experiences as well. You don’t always need to resort to technology.

In fact, there is research which backs that real life experiences have longer lasting effects. So, wouldn’t it be wonderful to sustain the happiness longer?

From my personal experience, when I brought Gobli, my beautiful black Labrador, home, just holding her in my arms or looking into her eyes made my heart instantly fill with happiness. Still does. And now I have four dogs.


So, your single, absolutely free, happiness hack is to get in touch with innocence.

Go, play with your child or an animal baby, look at animal or baby pictures or videos or pictures of adults doing insanely innocent stuff. Heck, just lose yourself into childlike abandon, laugh out loud (in real), play hopscotch or do the twist or whatever makes you go into that blissful state of innocence.

The key is to connect with the innocence of your inner child, the means are aplenty.

Be innocent. Be happy. Be abundant. :)

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