Valentine’s Day at Work: Cupid as Career Killer

David B. Grinberg
Feb 12, 2019 · 7 min read
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Caught in a bad romance…

Is love in the air at your workplace on and around Valentine’s Day?

Last year, CareerBuilder said work romance was at a decade-long low point in the wake of #MeToo.

The prudent course is taking office romance outside the office and keeping your hormones in check inside the office.

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Pros & Cons

Some people say that a positive work romance can elevate employee engagement, leading to higher morale and greater productivity.

Workplace romance gone bad can poison the office environment and sabotage team dynamics.

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Why take a chance with your career and livelihood?

Love Contracts & Legal Liability

Workplace romance puts you and your employer at heightened risk for any alleged misconduct or unlawful actions, like sexual harassment.

When Valentine’s Day falls on a work day your personal conduct may have unforeseen consequences for the office environment and company culture.

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Dating Info for Dummies

While close working relationships may unexpectedly lead to love, it’s always best to tread lightly, exercise caution and common sense.

The results is an untenable work situation and litigation.

Millennials & Gen Z

Workplace romance can be dicey for a new generation of young people who are new to the workforce.

While sexual harassment of teens and 20-somethings can occur within any industry, some professions are more prone to trouble than others.

Worrisome Workplaces

Industries with worrisome workplaces include restaurants, hospitality and entertainment, among others.

Companies should communicate office romance policies from the top-down, starting with the CEO, to make sure the message is taken seriously by everyone.

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The Takeaway

When it comes to Valentine’s Day or any business day, it’s best to keep romance outside the office. This is a common sense and practical approach regardless of one’s status in the organization.

Whether you are struck by Cupid’s Arrow or shooting the arrow, always think before you act and proceed with caution.

Remember that many jobs are temporary in today’s fluid gig economy, while many romances are tenuous. That’s why it makes good business sense to be vigilant on Valentine’s Day and every other work day.

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