Walking Meditation

A daily routine

My life doesn’t always lend itself to hours and hours of meditation — ok never have I meditated for more than 20 minutes, not gonna lie.

But I do walk the dog everyday.

I began researching how to effectively use my time walking as meditation.

It would seem simple but I struggled.

Finally, I found what worked for me. I set my intention, my go to is “I am love.” Then I repeat the phrase intention as I walk. I feel what it’s like to be love to those closest to me and work my way out to every living thing.

Sometimes, I can’t get very far out from my most inner circle but on occasion I can feel myself sending love to all of creation.

Each walk is different. Each meditation is different. One thing is constant. I feel more connected to my soul’s purpose.

**Next time you walk the dog or just walk to the car, consider making it an intentional activity.