Want to Feel Real Joy in the Next 5 Minutes?

The Simple Way to Be the Cause of Happiness and an Enchanting Entrepreneur at the Same Time.

Josh Felise at Unsplash, Berkeley Public Library — West Branch, Berkeley, United States

I happen to know that you like to make other people happy AND you long for joy and happiness yourself.


How do I know?

Because you are human and we humans want to feel happy.

So, let’s do something very simple today. Something that will lift your spirit, will help you enchant people (and future clients!) and bring joy.

All those goodies are the result of One Simple Action.

I’m asking you to reach out today to One Person and do something incredibly simple:

  • Give your biggest sincerest smile to a stranger on a bus.
  • Send a message to a vague Facebook friend and tell her or him: “You know I’ve never told you this, but I adore your drawings/ your little motivational messages /your … .
  • Hug a friend or a loved one and tell her/him: “I love you.
  • Give a stranger a compliment: “Great shoes, love your nails, wonderful bag. I adore your smile!
  • Give a homeless person some money AND look her or him in the eye AND smile AND say: “I wish you a beautiful day.
  • Tell the people in your Supermarket: “I love buying my groceries here because you obviously care.
  • When you see an elderly person, ask how she or he is doing. Spend 5 minutes and really listen. You might be the only person she talks to today.
  • When you are in your car bless everyone. It’s amazing how happy you feel when you bless your fellow drivers — even for 5 minutes — “Peace be with you.
  • Acknowledge someone you normally take for granted. Smile and say: ‘Thank you.” Make sure your entire face is part of your smile.

Give something without expecting anything in return!

One Simple Act of Kindness. It will take you a couple of seconds.

The results?

You immediately feel good, you feel the surge of joy when you get a smile in return — and if you don’t get a smile back, have faith that at some level that smile of yours will impact that other person.

Maybe you think: “Uhm Esther, how’s this going to be beneficial for my business?” You told me that I can enchant my clients. All I read is a lot of smiling and Do Good Things.

Well, it all starts with joy and happiness. If you generate joy you will change hearts and minds for the good of all and be the cause of positive actions. And yes, the byproduct of all those goodies is that it makes you incredibly attractive to clients and customers…

How’s that for a good reason?

If you feel genuinely joyful — people will feel genuinely curious about you.

We can’t always expect other people to be the cause of our happiness. What separates successful entrepreneurs from the not-so-successful ones is the capability to be the cause of change: even when you don’t see immediate result. That’s where true power lies.

Even when you feel out of touch with the world around you. Or the Odd One Out and are looking for deep meaningful connection.

You can be the one who smiles to someone who needs a smile more than anything in the world.

Are you in? Are you ready to be the Cause of Happiness? Are you prepared to open your heart to a stranger?

Share this message with your friends. Imagine what happens when 1.000 people are the cause and receiver of happiness and that joy will snowball around the world… !

Trust me every positive action will have a positive reaction.

Even though you can’t see it, I’m writing this to you with a huge smile on my face, the thought of you reading this brings me joy.

See? That’s how easy it is.

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