Watch Arianna Huffington and Dr. Oz Discuss Their Top Tips for Great Sleep

Thrive Global CEO and founder Arianna Huffington joins Dr. Oz to talk sleep

Thrive Global CEO and founder Arianna Huffington joined Dr. Oz on his show Thursday to share the importance of a good night’s sleep and how anyone can adopt a healthy bedtime routine with just a few simple tweaks.

The audience participated in an audience quiz around how much trouble they have falling asleep and whether they wake up in the night. Many of them had trouble falling and staying asleep.

While everyone has different sleep needs, there is “one non-negotiable” aspect to getting great sleep, Arianna told Dr. Oz and his audience: keep your phone and other devices outside of the bedroom. Instead, try a real alarm clock and put anything you would listen to — such as music, a meditation or a podcast — on an iPod.

Watch the entire clip below.