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Watch out Your Kid is not Immune to this.

And What You Can Do…

  • Extreme behaviour: it’s an early indication that the child is no longer able to manage the overwhelming emotions that he is feeling inside. It often gets expressed either through innocuous tears or unexpected explosive behaviour.
  • General disengagement: Usually from family members, favourite activities and friends.
  • Don’t try to be a hero by solving every little problem in their life.
  • Don’t push them in pursuit of some obscure and unrealistic goals.
  • Teach them to appreciate the difference in opinion by being an example.
  • Spend some quality time with them to understand their deep-rooted apprehensions and insecurities; without being judgmental.
  • Get across this difficult message that the world doesn’t owe them anything and their sense of entitlement if any is highly misplaced.
  • Try to be an active participant in their small victories. Teach them the worth of every celebration.

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