Waves…Theories of the Placebo

Since the beginning of recorded time, the strongest, most durable, longest lasting building material has been the mind, as before there can be an action, there must first be a thought.

Healing has been and will continue to be at the apex of our survival, and at the center of all healing journeys is the mind. If you truly want to get better or heal, you have to believe that this is possible. Whether the healing journey is a new drug, a new approach, a new health advisor or just simply an evolved perspective — it’s the attitude towards being healed that determines the outcome or success of the journey. You cannot “heal thyself” if you don’t believe it possible!

Over fifty percent of healing emanates from this platform of belief and the balance of the journey lies in the hands of the pill, the herb, the hands of your health practitioner or that “magic” cream that will eliminate pain. So if “the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill,” calls your mind, get ready to swallow the reality of becoming better, and find the time to hear your soul-speak.

Get ready to heal and it will be so, and for this we don’t need Captain Picard!

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