We Already Have What We Need

How we use it is our choice!

I am always amazed by the magic of life. How you and I came into existence — the DNA of generations that enabled this body, this brain, this point of view that I call mine and you call yours. This body, like most others, has one or two of what it needs to work, in harmony, mostly perfectly. All systems running like a well oiled machine seemingly all by itself. As does yours. You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty magical!

The part that most often causes trouble is the mind — not the brain, that works OK by and large — but the mind. Our decision on what, who and how we are and how we relate to all that is around us. With gratitude? Regret? Mistrust? Need to please? Enjoyment or cynicism? Which window do we choose to look through at our world? It’s the same world, whether we live in North America, Africa or the Arctic. People are kind, or they’re not. Animals and nature are respected, or it isn’t. It’s a personal choice. And I believe we can all bring magic into our life — no matter how dire the circumstances. Even for a moment each day, we can find something to gladden the heart.

“Even in darkness it is possible to create light.Elie Wiesel

I believe we’re all made up of many parts. Kind, unkind, smart, stupid, thoughtful, impetuous. Like a faceted jewel which part we turn to the light is a part that glows and gives off light. We get to choose,every moment of every day, which part of ourself we will use. How and where will we leave our mark — positive or negative. Helpful for not. It is our choice. For ourselves and others; are we adding to…or taking away from the magic of life?

We are surrounded by the magic of nature. Even in the density of cities, a flower will find its way through cracks in the concrete. Magic! Birds sing and make their voices heard over the cacophony of city streets. Magic!

As you view your world through your window, ask yourself what gladdens your heart? What brings you joy, unbounded child-like joy? Acknowledge it and make it a strong part of your ‘best self’ so that you can call on that part of you when you or someone else needs your magic.

Your ancestors created the body that is you. The water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breath, all add to value to the home we call the body. But the mind, the magic of your mind, is yours. Abracadabra! You create the magic of living your life.

‘till soon~~

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