We Are 7 billion.

We all choose different paths to reach the same destination.

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There is a supreme sense of connectivity that ties the human race into one knot. The purpose of every living being is a single point agenda; strive, strive, and strive again to reach higher levels of consciousness or rather to be so consummate that every atom of the body is at the moment — so dedicated that every atom is surviving purely to achieve this state of heightened consciousness. We are seven billion. So diverse yet united. All of us have the same fist but an overwhelming number of 7 billion fingerprints. Similarly, every individual chooses his own path to achieve this ultimate goal. All of them differ. We all take different routes to reach the same destination. While talking in the similar context, certain people in this 7 billion feel the existence of a supreme power. One set calls it “God” while another calls it “Science”. It does not end there. Several other names like these exist. Whatever be that supreme power, there is a small act of acceptance shown by most people.

While addressing to this power we point out towards the sky. Nobody exactly knows where this energy manifests but over centuries man has been tuned to point out to the sky when there is a reference to this power. In a deeper perspective, there could be a possible explanation. Human’s biological structure tells us that brain, the most vital organ whose complex and profound functioning sets them apart from any other organism, exists high up at the top of the body. This structural organisation of brain makes it impossible for humans to look at it. Maybe, in the process of referring to the seat of thinking, the seat of analysis, the seat of memory, and above all the seat of intellect — our brain or rather the supreme energy that lies within, we tend to point upwards.

The two prime chakras — The crown chakra and the third eye are situated on the crown of our head and on the forehead between our eyes respectively. The crown chakra helps us to develop a connection with the supreme power and the third eye is a seat of intuitive instincts that allows us to break barriers and go beyond the sensory perceptions. Coincidentally, these both chakras also are situated in the head region. This fact increases the probability of the act of pointing towards the sky or the head which might symbolically mean showing the power centralized within.

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