We Are Interconnected

The mystics of every tradition say that there is an ultimate truth, not the ultimate truth, but an ultimate truth that can be felt through methods such as meditation.

This ultimate truth points to your interconnected nature with everyone and everything in existence. At the absolute ground of reality, there is no separation between mind and body, you and me. It is all the same. At the utmost physical and spiritual levels we are connected like a web. God (or whatever you want to call it) breathes in each of us, pulses through your veins, and flows through your lungs, and this can be felt through meditation. It is one of the bi-products of a spiritual practice. This is important because we are intrinsically and intimately interconnected and share the same sublime divine light. You need to remember and know this by focusing on the present moment, your words, the reality you are consistently creating and affecting everyone around you with. Mindfulness is absolutely important and will allow you to see the divine beauty of reality unfolding upon itself, flowing through you, as you, breathing the nectar of life and knowing peace. You are already awakened, you need only to uncover and remember it. Stop. Stop the search and allow it to be and flow through you. You are the sublimity, because that is really all there is.

Originally published at www.scottgoolsby.com.

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