We Are Not One

Clarity About Who You Are

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Don’t try to box me in or label me, limit or identify me.

You can’t predict me or guide me, teach me or condescend to me.

Don’t go out of your way to try to align with me.

You have your own line. Stay on it. Don’t step onto mine.

Don’t feign to make me touch you, brush by me, or be near me.

Don’t merge with me. Be separate. Just stand alongside me.

Don’t think you know me. I’m never the same. And I’m never done.

I’m deeper than you fathom, faceted more than Kingdoms come.

I’m not static for you to study, or interpret endlessly.

I’m living, breathing, changing, and evolving infinitely.

You’ll never tether me or catch me, tame me or possess me.

I’m not your prized trophy. I am energy, creating endlessly.

I’m free, and I’m flowing. Sometimes hiding, and then showing.

I’m dancing, and I’m sparkling. Regenerating, and then glowing.

Contracting and expanding. Reconstructing and arising.

I’m continually meeting my new self. So don’t assume that you’ve defined me.

Don’t over give. Wait til I ask. Don’t take from me. Let me offer.

Don’t inhale me like a vampire, or copy me to climb higher.

Just play with me and allow me. Appreciate me. Be wild with me.

Just be a friend, fellow spirit. Be a partner with your inner child.

I am liquid, air, and ether. Fire, light, and Spirit.

I am limitless vibration, beyond efforts of interpretation.

There’s only one of me, and that’s enough. My essence can’t be had.

Don’t try to be me. I’m already taken.

Be You.


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