We Have the Antidote For Fear

It Is In Showing Ourselves To Each Other

Photo by Matthew Fassnacht on Unsplash

Good evening, beloveds,

We’d like to speak with you today

About the rising sun

About the colors on the horizon

About the red and the orange and the pink and the yellow

We want you to know that it is coming

And we want you to know that you are loved

We want you to know that are here

That you have chosen here

That you have the strength

That you have the love

That you have the capacity

That you have the fluidity

That you have the elasticity

That you have the expansiveness

We want you to know that you have

The mechanisms, the internal structures

To acclimate

To activate

Who you are

As it comes

We want you to recognize

The difference in vibrations

Of what you see

And feel

We want you to feel your choice

Of what you are calling heaven

And feel your choice

Of what you may call hell

There is a fissure taking place

There is an acceleration taking place

There is an accentuation of all that everyone has feared

And we want you to know

That we all see this rising sun

And that within it

Is infinite possibility

We want you to know that history is s program

We want you to know there is no repetition

That needs to happen

We want you to know

That you are new

And we know it is a bit of a broken record

But we want you to focus on the upwelling of the sunlight

We want you to focus on this golden liquid of ambrosia

Of love that binds you together

That is finding and melting into the cracks of the fears

Have you noticed how your friendships are deepening?

Have you noticed how your relationships are opening?

Have you noticed how there is honesty pouring forth?

Have you noticed a depth and compassion in your neighbors?

If you turn your head away from the television

From the phone

From the computer screen

If you look into the hearts of who is near you

Have you noticed the opening, the discussion, the opportunities?

Believe that you can create what has never been created before

And hold yourself through the fears

And hold each other

Allow them to take the form they need to take

And then allow the light from within to gently crack and release them

And remember remember remember

To bring them to each other

To bring your fears

To bring your pains

Bring them to the airing place

Bring them together

And let them be seen, and transformed, and known

Remember to show yourselves to each other

And remember to take the gifts that are offered

Stay present with them

Do not create a history with them

Do not rerun the program with them

Do not hold them to what they were

Take the gift that is given

And grow with it

We promise you that you have what it takes

We are so excited to watch the flow unfold

And we are with you in every breath

And we come to you from the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe

Originally published at www.sheilagallien.life.

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