WeBcolored2 ?

Image: Àgota Toth

Although I was blessed with an upbringing that including globetrotting with a military parent, which gave me a claimable perspective of appreciation of multiple cultures, there are a few things that struck me as odd…

Color Perspectives

I got it that good is good and bad can be bad and good, or the epitome of good…If I wanted to be the “baddest” I desired to be the best. What turned my head was this fixation on blackness…

…If you were black you were bad and the bad-bad vs the good-goodie, YET while being taunted about my skin color, those with lower melanin levels make tanning salons a booming industry. So my color was frowned upon, until it was paid for in boustrophedon geld (cash). Wow so put me down and go pay for what I came onto naturally!

Jealousy has started wars, decimated neighborhoods, contributed to losing generations as well as contributed to the growth of the divorce rate.

So while some go lay on beaches to get what I have been gifted from birth, I look for shade…does that make me cool or the deniers fools?

If in the end we all want to have a similar hue, then why are we missing the boat and wasting time? Is misplaced ego that much of a game-changer?

I guess so! x#¿!fM##x [WTF?]

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