Websites for a Traveling Digital Nomad

How to find the best Airfare, Accommodation, and more…


Kayak — Good search engine for flights, hotels, cars & packages. Part of the Priceline Group so it’s really good in the U.S.

Vayama — Another good search engine for international flights outside of the U.S. They specialize in international travel so their site finds fares cheaper than others.

Skyscanner — My preferred airfare website. They have international offices worldwide and get there Flights are linked directly to the airlines and travel agents…which in regular people talk means it’s cheaper.


Airbnb — My favorite website in the world. Period. Connect with homeowners who rent their homes, apartments, etc. You’ll stay as a local in the community for costs much lower than a hotel room.

Hostelworld — If you’re looking for a hostel, look no further. No booking fees, great prices, and better yet, they have worldwide availability in 170 countries.

Couchsurfing— Want to meet local people who will welcome you into their homes for free? Try couchsurfing and even meet up at local events hosted in most cities. It’s a true global community of like-minded people. — Great, easy to use site that provides pictures & reviews from recent travelers. You don’t always have to pay the full price upfront and they have flexible cancellation policies so it’s great if your unsure of your plans.

Priceline— Not only does this site have discounted hotel rates but you can also bid on rates and if the hotels accept, you’ve got it.

Travel Gear/Products/Services

World Nomads Travel Insurance— Travel insurance you can purchase even while you are traveling. Why? When you are in a foreign country you’ll have 24hr emergency assistance, help to get home, protection for lost or stolen gear(HUGE for digital nomads and this is the best coverage out there!). This gives you peace of mind when you’re far from home.

Lonely Planet Guidebooks — Highly rated guidebook. Internationally known as the best standard for travelers. Organized with photos & maps. Emphasis on budget friendly travel. The only downside…once a town is in a Lonely Planet book go quick! Because it’s sure to become super popular!

REI Backpacks and Gear— Quality outdoor gear with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their products last…and they stand by them too!

Rail Europe — When visiting Europe and you plan to stay awhile get a rail pass. You’ll save money on long train trips…but beware you may have to prebook seats and check the cost to see if it’s worth it to buy a rail pass for your needs. It’s a good deal if you’re flexible. Also train passes give the passholder discounts on ferries & buses in some countries.

BlaBlaCar— Ridesharing service that lets you ride with locals, you just help with gas money. (available in Europe and Mexico)


Intrepid Travel — Local guides. Travel like a local, eat local food, affordable group tours — trips worldwide.

STA Travel — Good for students & those under 30. They offer discounted airfare & travel passes.

The Man in Seat 61 — The ultimate guide to choo-choo train travel around the world.

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