Weekly Prompt: 3 Things you should consider when accepting a job

I joined the work force 12 years ago as a programmer. I had offers from three different companies and I chose to start my career with a well-known consulting company. Over the course of my career, I have seen that career success can be accelerated or stunted by three main factors.

  1. Your Boss

Working for a boss who has integrity, humility and generosity is fundamental to having a fulfilling career. If you have a manager who has proven problems in these areas, it is time to look for a new job.

For instance, If your boss lies to you and you both know it, its time for a change.

2. Your colleagues

Usually, if you have a great boss, you are likely to have great colleagues. But it is not always the case. Many a time, you could be surrounded with insecure, backstabbing or downright incapable colleagues. Since , you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your colleagues, it pays to find a good team.

For instance, the team norms shape your behavior and over a period of time, you tend to be more like the people you associate with.

3. Company Culture

A company culture is defined by who gets promoted, demoted or let go. One of the best ways to evaluate company culture is to talk to people and learn about their experiences. Glance through the organizational chart to see the board and senior management.

For instance, If all senior managers are of a particular race, then it is highly unlikely for other races to be considered for senior roles.

People often tend to overlook these factors and primarily consider the monetary aspects. What they don’t know is, if you run your job through these three filters, there’s a double benefit. You will have a great career and end up making money over a period of time.

When you ignore these three aspects, there is no guarantee that you will have a great career and you also run a risk of being short-changed by your boss, colleagues or the company at any point in time.

Knowing this earlier in my career, would have helped me accomplish more. It took me a couple of years to figure this out. Better late than never!

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