Welcome To Our World…

A glimpse into our traditional off-grid lifestyle

Our first real snow has fallen for the season, things are slowing down and I am blessed to be able to sit by the wood stove and spend some time with you all…

My name is Tammy Trayer. I am an author, freelance writer for several magazines, a radio show host at Mountain Woman Radio, a blogger at TrayerWilderness.com and an educator at TrayerWildernessAcademy.com.

My family and I live a very traditional life off-grid with solar power in northern Idaho. My Mountain Man, Mountain Boy and I have been living this life since 2010 at which time we embarked on the journey to embrace a life of freedom. We traveled from a 150 ace farm in south central Pennsylvania to the Panhandle region of northern Idaho to raw overgrown wilderness land that we purchased sight unseen.

We arrived to our new home with anticipation like that of kids in a candy store when the realtor brought us to our property for the first time. They could not understand our excitement for a parcel that was overgrown and in the middle of nowhere with no utilities. That night we slept in our enclosed gooseneck trailer and the next day we setup camp.

Camp consisted of an 8’ x 14’ canvas wall tent of which we would call home for 8 1/2 months while we built our home. It was romantic waking up to dirt under our feet, deer and grouse outside our door, cooking in the fresh morning air and, ah yes, fresh coffee in the perculator. We groomed our property to be our dream homestead by day and nodded off to coyotes howling not 50 yards away at night.

This lifestyle is not for everyone, but I couldn’t live any other way!

Our life in the tent for 8 1/2 months was the most exciting and adventurous time in my life to date. I can honestly say I miss the simplicity of that time and have a yearning to go back to that level of simple living, but for now I have a flush toilet and running water in my home and dream about what the future may hold.

In 2010, with a foot and a half of snow on the ground, we moved into our new off-grid wilderness home.

So for many of you, you are scratching your head and wondering how, if I live off-grid, do I have a flush toilet and running water? I encourage you to follow me as I unravel our story for you and share what it really means to live off-grid…