Welcome To The Real World Class of 2017

Wisdom and advice for your future.

First of all, congratulations and well done for making it this far. You have spent days and months that have added up to years preparing yourself for this transition. It’s a roller-coaster period of mixed emotions as you say goodbye to your old school, teachers, friends and daily routines. The stressful run to catch the school bus in the morning, the 9 am dash to the locker-rooms to copy your trusted friends maths homework that you didn’t bother doing the night before, the canteen chicken burgers at lunch and kinder bueno trips to the tuck shop are precious memories that are now enmeshed in you forever. Breaking into a sweat as you brush shoulders with your crush in the corridor during the bell is something beautiful but ever so slightly cringy as you will look back, in years to come. ‘There he is. Oh my God, he looked at me. I’m going to die’ I know this feeling too well, I’ve been there.Your favourite subject, your favourite teacher, your not so favouite class. School is a privilege. A privilege that many children don’t get. Your memories are one thing but your education is everything. Who would you be today without it? What would your future look like without this experience? Regardless of your ambitions and your grades, regardless of whether you want to further your studies or not. School has taught you many valuable lessons. School is many things, wonderful, challenging, rewarding, difficult at times, perhaps an escape for many, a place for you to see your friends and discuss life and your futures. Each of you young, bright kids will be able to give it your own personal definition.

So as your last few days are numbered and your exams are approaching, remember that your future is not determined by your academic results but your attitude to life. It’s more about your ability to get up everyday and be purposeful and give that day meaning. This will be the true measure of your mind and brains ability to be resourceful. Some days, all you’ll be able to is just breathe and that’s ok too.

Your days of learning have just begun. Life warrants us to learn about many many things that aren’t just taught by a teacher in school. You will have to learn many valuable and important lessons in life by yourself. These lessons are crucial to your personal growth. I don’t know exactly what your assigned lesson or mission will be, as everyone’s journey is different. What I can say is that your human spirit has the strength and ability to fight through any day, any trial and any given situation. Do not be afraid, I have never yet awoken in the morning to find the sun has fallen out of the sky or the water has turned to blood.

If you have plans to go to university or college. That is really wonderful. Give it your all, and make it happen. I hope you do something great in the world. Perhaps you want to take a gap year and travel or help your dad on the farm, that is really wonderful too and you also have the same power to make the world a better place. The choice is yours. Follow your heart and do what you feel is important to you. You don’t have to follow the crowd. You don’t have to adhere to a certain standard or belief system, you will end up lost and confused if you live your life by someone elses ideas.The decision is yours, nobody can decide for you, nobody can live your life for you, only you. Whatever your do, be brave, be bold, be gutsy and have gumption in the pit of your stomach because everything requires hard work and resistance. Rally all your resources and if you fail once, try again. Nobody hands you your dream job on a plate, it takes time and patience.

Life is a succession of experiences and moments that add up to be your life. Who you are as a person is not determined by ‘one thing’ or ‘that one time’. Let’s get one thing straight, nobody is perfect and nobody on this planet has not made mistakes or silly embarrassing blunders. I have and everyone I know has, its hilarious because it’s life, and you must have the ability to shake it off and laugh at yourself if you want to see past it. (Just try not to do it again.) Don’t take yourself to seriously, learn to forgive yourself. ‘There’s power in looking silly and not not caring that you do.’ Amy Poehler

You’re allowed to change your mind as much as you want. It makes life more interesting. Stretch yourself as much as possible, try new things and talk to people of all ages, religions and nationalities. This is how you learn about culture and communities. You will also learn about yourself through others. People are mirrors, they show you who you are. We don’t meet people by chance. There are billions of people in the world. Choose your encounters wisely and respect them.

Your intuition is like an inner GPS. Follow it, always. That little voice at the back of your head, it’s more important than you think. Don’t be pressured into anything you don not want to do. This goes for EVERYTHING! ‘Trusting yourself means living out what you already know to be true.’ Cheryl Strayed

Be humble, you don’t know everything. Nobody at any age knows everything. You are continuously changing as your experiences change. This is part of learning and expanding your mind and soul, all which is morphing you into a better human being.

Nobody looks back at their life and says ‘yup I had it all figured out by 20’. Nope, not even 25 or 30. If this is the case, then they have stopped learning and growing.

Pay no attention to what other people think of you. It is highly likely that people will talk about you. It’s a cultural, social thing. The sooner you accept it, the better, but don’t let it stop you from being 100 percent you. People talk yes, but their opinions won’t help you get the job you want, pay your bills or start your business. Their opinions only affect you if you allow it. To be honest, most people are more concerned by their own lives and their own stories than yours, but bored people like to be distracted now again when they have nothing to talk about. Pay no heed.

Love your friends. They are everything. Your friendships make life more enjoyable. Love and cherish your best friends with all your heart. Be there for them when they need you. Respect them, be loyal, be kind and be honest. They are the family you have chosen for yourself. Unfortunately some childhood/teenage friendships end and it’s a pity but perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. We’re not the same people as adults as we were when we were younger.

Dance. Move your body. Its amazing. Dance in the kitchen, dance in the bathroom. Listen to your favourite music and shake all your mama gave you. Find your favourite music, artists, song, genre because music heals everything.

Read. Read everything. That is all. If you want to have an opinion about something. Read as much as you can about the subject first, otherwise say nothing. You’re are never alone with a good book. It is truly magical to read, to slip into other worlds and use your imagination.

Above all, love yourself, respect yourself. Celebrate life because it is a precious gift. Love your family, they are your blood. Your parents, your source of life. They love you unconditionally, don’t forget it. Blood is thicker than water.

Be grateful. Find the good in the the bad and don’t sweat the little things.

Have faith in your ability to manifest your wildest dreams. Never give up on pursuing your dream. If you feel lost, find your purpose. Everyone has a purpose, find what makes you crave learning and living. It’s important to find something that you love, because you will always have something that nobody can take from you.

Be moral, be positive and choose love. When you make moral choices, you are just choosing love. Everything you give out, comes back. If you don’t understand it, let it go, surrender it.

It’s your one life. Live it. Love it.

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