Why Thrive Global Is Partnering With Medium
Arianna Huffington

Welcoming Thrive to Medium


Arianna Huffington is no stranger to transforming industries. Her new venture, Thrive Global, wants to reframe the way we think about health and increase productivity for both companies and individuals around the world.

We couldn’t be happier that Thrive Global will be launching its media site on Medium, using our platform to share original and curated stories from their editorial staff and launch a contributors’ network. The site will focus on topics like sleep, healthy habits, empowerment, and redefining success. Thrive has already recruited an outstanding roster of writers, with articles from influencers like United States United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, founder/president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Dr. Dean Ornish and bestselling author and founder/CEO of Learnvest Alexa von Tobel.

Thrive joins an impressive group of publishers including Bill Simmons’s ‘The Ringer’, Thinkprogress, The Awl Network and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, who have all made Medium their home.

As more and more readers are using networks — not standalone sites — to read and share stories, Medium is enabling publishers to tap into the platform’s existing audience of loyal, engaged readers, while continuing to cultivate and expand their readership. Our publishers love Medium because of its ease of use, clean design and sophisticated technology infrastructure. This has given them the freedom to focus on doing what they do best — creating high quality writing — without having to worry about an aging CMS, custom coding or hosting costs.

We are excited to see Thrive enrich the conversation on the platform around well-being, productivity and the science behind success and tap into the Medium network for fresh perspectives and strategies for how people can achieve their goals without compromising their physical and emotional health.